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Support Documents

Support Documents

Ops Guide Cover Image.png

BCTV Operations 
Guide v7.2

Creative Spec Sheet Image.png

BCTV Local Advertising Specs v4.3

Proprietor Troubleshooting Thumbnail.png

BCTV Proprietor Troubleshooting v1.2

Revenue Generation

Revenue Generatio
Benefits Overview 1-Sheeter Image.png

General Benefits 1-Sheeter

Local Advertising 1-Sheet Image.png

Local Advertising 1-Sheeter

Concession Sales - Overview FINAL.png

Concession Sales 1-Sheeter

B-Day Extension 1-Sheeter

Tutorial Videos

Tutorial Videos

All Videos

All Videos

Watch Now

BCTV Content Scheduler Tutorial

Customizable Templates

Customizable Templates

The BCTV Content Folder contains design templates for holidays, birthdays, on-premise promos, and more. You can upload customized versions of these templates using the BCTV Content Scheduler.

Template Examples:
BCTV Holiday Template.png
BCTV Birthday Template.png
BCTV F&B Promo Template.png

Click here to access the Content Folder. Please note: If this is your first time accessing the folder, you will be prompted to create a free Box (cloud-based storage) account.

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