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BCTV Benefits


There's no downside to joining the BCTV Network. By joining, you'll not only receive a $1000 signing bonus, but you'll be creating a more engaging experience for your bowling center patrons, as well as receiving the monetary benefits of recurring revenue from national and local advertising sales. 

As a member of the BCTV Network, you'll receive:
  • Recurring revenues from national advertising on the BCTV Network

    • We sell the ads, you cash the checks

  • Cisco Equipment and Samsung Screens at no cost to you

    • Installation and maintenance is FREE

  • Engaging, relevant content that's professionally produced

    • Includes current sports, entertainment, news and bowling highlights

  • Revenues from selling local advertising at your own discretion

    • You keep 100% of the ad revenues for the ad packages you sell

  • Incremental business growth as a result of new revenue source

    • Plus, extended customer visits equates to more F&B sales  ​

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